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Testing & Commissioning, Testing, Commissioning, Support

Blackmon Service performs testing to NETA standards. 

Power Testing Services

  • Acceptance and Maintenance Testing

  • Switchgear and Switchboards

  • Circuit Breaker Injection

  • Cables

  • Transformers

  • Ground Testing, Including Equipotential for Healthcare Facilities

  • Power Quality and Load Metering

  • Commissioning

Why Test?

Starting, maintaining, and upgrading the electrical distribution system in your facility can present many challenges.  It begins with acceptance testing of new equipment, to verify that cables, breakers, transformers, and distribution equipment can pass industry-standard testing before they are energized.  There’s no reason that an electrician or facility employee should have to close a breaker for the first time and hope that nothing goes wrong.  Proper testing can determine if there are potentially destructive or deadly problems before energizing the equipment, saving money and reducing risk. 

Commissioning provides verification that the equipment will perform as deigned, and involves following step-by step procedures to examine all functions of the system under load, while looking at performance, heating (using IR Scanning), and electrical response (using advanced power quality metering).

Maintenance Testing is performed to detect problems, as well as to create a baseline of information to enable identification of problems before they occur.  ALL electrical equipment will eventually fail.  For example, the electrical service-entrance cabling entering your facility can be exposed to many factors that will degrade the insulation.  It’s likely been sitting in water in

the conduit underground for many years, or exposed to damaging UV rays overhead.  Measuring the insulation resistance regularly in critical feeders like these can begin to show degradation, allowing building owners and engineers to plan for an outage, rather than responding to an explosive short-circuit that not only causes an outage, but also damages much more than the feeder alone.






Wondering what equipment to test or how often?  Contact us to discuss your facility needs.  Our goal is to create real value for our customers, and we’re glad to offer guidance or perform any legwork needed onsite.


For more information, please contact Josh Shields (704) 364-9009

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