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Defective components can fail and put your facility at risk of fire, mechanical or electrical breakdown that can result in extensive damage, significant business interruption and financial loss. That's why testing with infrared thermography is such a critical preventative measure.

Using thermal energy to observe airflow patterns, Blackmon Service, Inc. can identify potential problems within your infrastructure – including equipment, electrical panels and hot aisles/cold aisles – that are otherwise undetectable by traditional maintenance procedures, allowing you to take proactive corrective action.

Furthermore, infrared testing can actually help you prolong the life of your equipment, as you can perform maintenance on a planned basis rather than waiting until an emergency repair is required.

And there's no need to worry about downtime. Infrared thermography can be conducted while equipment is energized and operating, avoiding disruption of your daily operations.


For more information about how thermal imaging can help you provide more complete protection for your facilities, your employees and your business, please contact Doug Blevins 704-364-9009.

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