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Whether beginning new construction, expanding an existing facility or upgrading aging equipment, every aspect of your business must be considered to ensure maximum benefits and provide for future evolution. For optimum long-term reliability, efficiency and scalability, you can count on the expertise that Blackmon Service, Inc. brings to every project.


BSI provides comprehensive mechanical & electrical installation in one fully integrated solution. Your dedicated project manager will provide a detailed construction schedule customized to the needs of your business and maintain open communication throughout each project to minimize impact and plan for temporary power and cooling requirements. This ensures that you'll be up and running as soon as possible and operating smoothly throughout any expansion or improvement.


Specific Needs, Specific Solutions


As a licensed Mechanical Contractor, BSI will create a solution for your critical environment with a comprehensive assessment of your business needs before recommending a course of action. With a highly experienced construction staff, we can provide installation expertise for projects of all sizes – from a single 6-by-6 telephone room to large data centers that may require hundreds of tons of cooling.


As a licensed Electrical Contractor, BSI can assist with all of your electrical needs - whether it's installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or power distribution unit (PDU/RPP). We also provide expertise in power wiring, underfloor power cables, battery replacements and control wiring.


Planning for Today & Tomorrow


When determining the best mechanical and electrical applications and cooling methods, we'll perform a thorough analysis of the demands and challenges specific to your critical environment, including heat load, room dimensions, power considerations, equipment specifications, building structure and room location. In addition, we'll work closely with you to understand and anticipate future expansion needs and provide solutions that can grow along with your business. 

For more information regarding Mechanical Installations, please contact Ray LePage (704) 364-9009

For more information regarding Electrical Installation & Wiring, please contact Doug Blevins (704) 364-9009

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