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Testing & Commissioning, Testing, Commissioning, Support

Commissioning is a crucial part of ensuring the stability, efficiency and reliability of your critical infrastructure.

Commissioning provides proper interoperability of system design components, establishes compliance with industry standards and validates warranties, reducing future equipment replacement costs.

Better expertise, Better results

At every step of the way, Blackmon Service, Inc. provides skill and support that ensures complete system compatibility, optimal performance and comprehensive compliance with industry standards throughout the commissioning process.

BSI provides support and testing for:

  • Critical components: We confirm that no faulty equipment is used or installed.

  • Systems and inter-system balance: We identify trouble spots and compatibility issues.

  • Integrated facilities: We'll ensure that all elements of your critical environment interact and function together exactly as designed.

  • Overload scenarios: We'll help you establish systems to provide reliable changeover from primary to secondary power sources in the event of a power failure.

Load bank testing and rentals

BSI provides load bank testing to verify capacity, validate battery back-up time and ensure that your systems will be ready to perform when needed most to minimize the risk of power loss.

Load bank testing can be performed during a new installation, as part of an upgrade project or as an ongoing preventative maintenance program to con rm available capacity and proper operation.

Battery testing

BSI is now factory certi ed to test battery systems using the state-of-the-art Alber CT-400 Cellcorder.

For more information, please contact Doug Blevins (704) 364-9009

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