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Zero downtime is more than a goal – it's a crucial requirement of doing business today!

Power sags and interruptions directly translate into lost dollars and lost business opportunities. And power swells can damage equipment, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

Power Monitoring and Metering

Our experienced field engineers can perform testing and monitoring services to determine average, steady state and trended loads, voltage and frequency variations, total and single-order harmonic content and more. With state-of-the-art testing equipment from Dranetz® and Fluke®, we are able to pinpoint many problems as well as properly assess future equipment requirements.

We also offer equipment installation and provide training that places real-time monitoring capability in your hands. Your on-site personnel will be able to identify potential issues and respond quickly to keep your business up and running. And if you need expert technical assistance to address the unexpected, our 24/7 emergency services are always just a phone call away.

Load Bank Testing and Rentals

Today's evolving data center is doing more with less, running multiple applications, expanding capabilities and adding equipment without adding square footage, which means that optimal efficiency and reliable power are key.

Load bank testing verifies equipment and battery performance and readiness to identify problems before your systems carry their everyday load. We can verify capacity, validate battery back up time and assure that your systems will be ready to perform when needed most, minimizing the risk of power loss.

For more information about how BSI's power quality services can help your business minimize downtime, please contact  

Doug Blevins 704-364-9009

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